The Captain's Challenge, An Approach Towards Understanding Risk Through the Metaphors of Sailing

Using the powerful metaphors of sailing, The Captain's Challenge offers strategic engagements, offsites, and speaking engagements customized to your organization's needs and built around the following themes:

  • The Boat: Though we need a captain, we can assume we are all smarter than any of us, and we are in the same boat together. What is it about our boat (or enterprise, at any level) that we need to address, or change?
  • The Weather: The only predictable element of the future is uncertainty. The "weather" might be described as macro-economic or industry conditions, or changing elements of the marketplace - our "official future." What do we believe with such clarity and conviction that steers our strategy and tactics in a particular direction? What are possible weather conditions we may not have considered that may put us at risk?
  • The Challenge: The competencies and collaborative strengths of the captain and his/her crew, and the qualities of the vessel itself will determine how hard we drive the boat, what it can endure, and what we can accomplish together. What is our collective risk appetite and how do we know we are prepared to succeed at this level?

Fundamental principles of the Captain's Challenge are explored in a 2006 article for Strategy and Business by Eric Best, founder and CEO. Click here to view pdf.

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