The Captain's Challenge, An Approach Towards Understanding Risk Through the Metaphors of Sailing

Beginning in the office, The Captain's Challenge will engage captain and crew in strategic dialogues to determine objectives. On board the vessel, metaphors of sailing — approaches to navigation, dead reckoning, on-board communication, weather uncertainties, managing oneself in difficult or uncertain conditions, roles as captain and crew — will all be essential to the program experience. The nature of the follow up will depend on the on-board experience.

The engagments will help your organization to:

  • determine short, medium and long-term objectives
  • develop scenarios to define the range of uncertainties the captain and crew will face
  • define risk, risk tolerance, corporate tolerance for failure, and the qualities that will make your organization an effective learning company

Fundamental principles of the Captain's Challenge are explored in a 2006 article for Strategy and Business by Eric Best, founder and CEO. Click here to view pdf.

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